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    Influencer Marketing Blueprint

    • Learn how a 7-figure brand runs their influencer marketing program.

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    Playbook: Get Your First 100+ Followers and Email Subscribers

    • In the beginning stages of growing a brand, momentum is everything. With this tactic, you’re going to get your first 100 email subscribers and social media followers, while creating a support web that creates organic, word-of-mouth growth.

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    Playbook: New Customer Coupon Pop-up (+ Reminder Emails)

    • On average, about 1% of website visitors buy something. This playbook helps you capture email addresses of visitors, offer them an incentive to purchase, and send automated reminder emails.

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    Customer Avatar Worksheet

    • Discover your ideal customer, and elevate your marketing.

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    90-Day Marketing Plan Template

    • Get organized, make a plan, get to work.

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    Email Marketing Calendar Template

    • If it's not in the calendar, it's not going to happen.