• Masterclass Video

    Play, replay, or download the masterclass video to review whenever you need. Lifetime access.

  • Worksheets & Templates

    Downloadable worksheets to help you dial in your service offering, a copy of my actual client contract that you can use as a template for your business, and an example one-sheet / info kit.

In This Masterclass:

  • Choosing the right service to offer (a.k.a. what work to offer clients)

  • How to position yourself for charging great rates

  • Finding your ideal clients (who & where are they?)

  • Personal branding, closing deals, and marketing yourself

  • Contracts and Taxes (it’s easier than you think)

  • How to price your freelance service, and scale

  • + more

One word: AMAZING.

“You provided so much actual value and answered questions that I’ve had for months and couldn’t find real answers to. Thank you!”

Freelancing is the #1 way to take control of your income.

How would $1k/mo (or more) of predictable extra income change your life?


I'm Dustin, and I'm glad you're checking out this training, because if you're like me, learning how to make money freelancing could change your life.

I’ve earned multiple 6+ figures from freelancing, and 85% of it is from following the same exact steps this masterclass covers.

Learning the information you’ll get in this training helped me double my former corporate income, and have actual control over my finances (even during the economic downturn).

Rather than just telling you a bunch of theory and “pro tips” that never really help, I rolled up my sleeves and recorded this masterclass teaching you practical, proven, no-b.s. steps so you can know with confidence exactly what to do to start making income from a skill you already have.

We’re going to go in depth, but the truth is, all it takes to start making $1k or more each month, is ONE good client.

Dustin Lien
Dustin Lien
CEO, JumpX Marketing


  • Is this a LIVE masterclass?

    No, it's not live. It's a pre-recorded video training, so you'll get immediate access, and can begin when it's convenient for you. It's also nice to be able to pause, rewind, replay as much as you need!

  • How long is the masterclass video?

    A little under 2 hours.

  • How long will I have access to the video and materials?

    For life :) You can also download all materials including the video if you'd like.

If you purchase and decide it wasn't helpful for you, you can request a refund anytime within 7 days. No questions asked.